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Merrick’s Calf Nurser with Super-Calf Nipples

Merrick’s Super-Calf Nipples feature the first advance in calf nursing nipple design in many years. Incorporated into the nipple design is a patented air release valve, which prevents leakage and yet allows air to be released into the bottle as the calf is nursing. This ensures the proper flow of milk through the nipple to the nursing calf. This valve is protected with extra bumpers” for even longer wear. 

Merrick’s Calf Nurser Bottle offers the best in overall strength as well as a new easy-clean bottle lip. This easy-clean feature helps the producer quickly and thoroughly clean and sanitize each bottle to aid in preventing any buildup of harmful bacteria.

The surface of the Super-Calf Nipple has been specially treated to promote ease of use. This specially treated nipple surface and the combined nipple and bottle design work together to more effectively position the nipple on the bottle. Less struggle means less wasted time during calf feeding.

The features and benefits of the Super-Calf Nipples

  • Lasts longer due to tough material compound.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Patented air release valve: provides proper milk flow and prevents leakage.

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milkrite | InterPuls milking Ecobucket uses advanced moulding technologies to ensure that the bucket is assembled as a single, seamless unit without the need for any glue.

The features and benefits of the Ecobucket

  • Semi-transparent material.
  • Removable side ears.
  • Removable bottom belt.
  • Permanent graduated scale for easy milk level readings.
  • Heavy Duty.
  • Low Weight.
  • Spare parts available.
  • Easy to clean.

 The Ecobucket is available in two sizes: 23l & 30l.


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