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Milk Meter - iMilk600

Milk Meter - iMilk600

The iMilk600 is a state of the art electronic milk meter that has been designed and built by milkrite | InterPuls for the modern farmer to help maximise dairy herd profit.  The user-friendly panel displays in real-time: milk yield, temperature, milking time, cow number and conductivity.  The operator can choose between three display configurations: 'Basic', 'Graphic' and 'Full data'. The iMilk600 is an ICAR-certified product.

iMilk600 ensures a gentle take-off and avoids over-milking.  The cow performance is available panel by panel and can be analysed in order to carry out precise actions for achieving top milk yield, without compromising the cow's well-being. The panels come ready to be connected to a complete Dairy Management System. 

The “fill-and-dump” sensor, with on-board shutoff, is the most compact on the market. Thanks to the double chamber, the milk is precisely measured and the design grants a stable vacuum resulting in lower turbulence, reducing the risk of foaming in the milk. The iMilk600 is easy to clean thanks to the smooth internal design; the sensor can easily be serviced with just your hands requiring no tools.

The new MMVs are now even stronger thanks to a combination of components made from high-quality materials, including the market-leading PPSU Radel®. Radel® PPSU is also transparent giving you 360° milk flow visibility. 

The features and benefits of the iMilk600:

  • Reliable milk metering (less 2% error)
  • Gentle take off, no over-milking
  • Data networking feature
  • Multi-display option
  • Reliable fill and dump technology
  • Resistant food-grade polymer
  • Easy to install and to program
  • On-board milk production management
  • Connection to iFC
  • Proportional milk sampler
  • Easy to service; no tools required
  • On-board shutoff

Related Products

iMilk600 HD

iMilk600 Heavy Duty (HD)

The iMilk600 is now available as a Heavy Duty (HD) unit for larger parlours. It has been simplified and is easily controllable through a single external button. It still has all the iMilk600 panel features but does not have a screen and keyboard: the iMilk600 HD guarantees the same easy and effective milking as the iMilk600 but offers a sturdy alternative that can resist the damage that larger parlours bring.


Milk Sampler  

The new milkrite | InterPuls milk sampler is made of a food-grade, translucent material and is designed to work with the iMilk600 milk meter. It withdraws a small milk quantity for every litre milked (following ICAR rules) and checks this sample.

The Milk Sampler can work on a vertical or a 45 degree inclination whilst maintaining the same precision and accuracy. This, together with its small dimensions, allows the sampler to fit into almost all parlours.


iCon EVO  

Our new iCon EVO ensures a fast and easy update of iMilk600, iO-B, and iMilkNet, through the USB connection to a PC.

  • Optimize your milking performance, while reducing costs! Test and monitor iMilk600 net performance and download milking and washing reports in .csv format, even in stand-alone systems (without Herd Management Software).
  • Improve your time management by setting up all your devices in a single step!

iO-B & iMilkNET  

iO-B (input-output box) is the device controlling inputs and outputs in the parlour: it can manage 4 outputs and 1 input (normally the 4 gates and 1 washing contact). It is possible to add up to 50 iO-B panels to fulfill all the parlours requirements.

iMilkNET is the interface of the iMilk600 system: it provides a LAN connection to the system and is the part responsible for exchanging data with Velos & iFC.


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