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Pulsator Exchange Service

Pulsator Exchange Service 

Introducing the Pulsator Exchange Service. Pulsators are a key component to your parlor, and its good working order is crucial to achieving efficient milking. The PES is an exchange service that milikrite | InterPuls offer through its dealers. Every 6 months your dealer will detach your current pulsators and replace them with a factory prepared and tested pulsator, therefore ensuring you have the latest and most reliable pulsators in your parlour. milkrite | InterPuls offer its LE30 electronic pulsator as part of the service. 

The PES is your pulsation solution, and means that your pulsators are always up and running at maximum efficiency and that there is always the availability of a spare pulsators just in case of an emergency. Contact your dealer today for more information.

The features and benefits of the PES:
  • Pulsators can be fine tuned to <1% on rates of pulsation, bpm ect
  • Factory prepared and verified
  • Simple and straightforward to sign up process
  • Perfect for optimum milking performance 
  • Exchange offered every 6 months

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